The commercial registers in Switzerland

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AG Aargau (400)
AI Appenzell Innerrhoden (310)
AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden (300)
BE Bern (036)
BL Basel-Landschaft (280)
BS Basel-Stadt (270)
FR Fribourg (217)
GE Geneva (660)
GL Glarus (160)
GR Graubünden (350)
JU Jura (670)
LU Luzern (100)  
NE Neuchatel (645)
NW Nidwald (150)
OW Obwald (140)
SG St. Gallen (320)
SH Schaffhausen (290)
SO Solothurn (241)  
SZ Schwyz (130)  
TG Thurgau (440)
TI Ticino (501)
UR Uri (120)
VD Vaud (550)
VS Valais (600-626)
ZG Zug (170)
ZH Zürich (020)

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Certified excerpts of the registry of commerce have to be ordered directly from the Cantonal registry of commerce where the legal entity has its domicile.